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How Bail Bonds Work In Calabasas, CA

The bail process in Calabasas is similar to many other cities in Los Angeles County. Some technicalities may be different in Calabasas due to its location, the amount of officers on duty and the type of crime someone is taken to jail for. As soon as someone is arrested and brought in to the Lost Hills Sheriff Station jail, he/she will be booked in and entered into the Los Angeles County Sheriff system. A booking number will be given to the defendant and then he/she will be finger-printed to make sure there are no further holds or outstanding warrants to prevent the jailer form clearing the arrestee for bail. Once the defendant is clear for bail, a bail agent can immediately get him/her out of the Lost Hills jail custody in about an hour. Bail might come off as a difficult and lengthy process, but here we are able to make it very easy. Once a friend or a family member of the person in jail gets hold of us, we rapidly contact the jail at the Lost Hills Sheriff station and obtain the complete bail information. Then, we will meet the family at the police station and get the arrestee out right away.It is most important that the defendant shows up to court each and every time a judge requires him to do so, as any violation may result in the defendant getting re-arrested.The paperwork involved in the transaction is short and confidential, and it is used for the purpose record keeping. Paperwork can be all done in less than half hour while waiting for the defendant to be released.Upon release, the defendant will be given a bail receipt and a date for his first court appearance. People who are arrested at the Calabasas jail will report to the Van Nuys Superior Courthouse in Van Nuys, CA For more information on how bail works, give us a call now at (818) 937-1030

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