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Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, Agoura Hills, CA

The Lost Hills Sheriff's Station is provided to the residnts through a contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Because the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department proveds the deputies for the Lost Hills Sheriff Stations, it is smaller than other police departments and does not include everything that they offer.


However, this does not mean that the city is less safe because of the size of the station. If the deputies of the Lost Hills Sheriff Station need any more assistance or requires more deputies to handle a situation, then the Los Angeles Sheriff Department will send them more deputies. All of the deputies at the Lost Hills Sheriff Station are highly trained. They still have to go throught the Police Academy in order to work as a deputy for the Lost Hills Sheriff Station.


Once they arrive at the Los Angeles Sheriff Station, they will be trained further to ensure that they could handle any situaion that may occur while they are on duty. This whole process ensures that the deputy is properly trained and has complete knowledge of all the laws he or she is supposed to enforce as an officer. The deputies also make sure that they are involved in their communities by helping with community events and helping their neighbors stay safe in their own home. The relationship between the community and the officers is crucial, especially since this station is smaller than most departments.


The officers rely on the help of the community to keep the city safer and to help with keeping criminals from wanting to target the residents of the city of Lost Hills. Although the Lost Hills Sheriff Station does not have that many officers working at one time, they have still managed to keep Lost Hills as safe as possible and has made the city one of the safest in the state of California.

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