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Calabasas bail bonds process.

Calabasas Bail Bonds

All the arrestees in Calabasas are transferred to the Lost Hills Sheriff Station which is placed at 27050 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. At their arrival, a police officer is going to confiscate every personal belonging for safekeeping. Then, all the inmate’s personal info together with the photos taken in the Sheriff Station, are going to be registered to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database and that’s the booking process.


After, they will send the defendant’s fingerprints via a machine called Live Scan to the Department of Justice fingerprints database to check if the inmate has any pending warrants or if he or she is wanted by any other law agency. That process takes around 45 minutes to several hours. The moment the jailer has the results, he or she can clear the arrestee for bail.

If you contact our office, one of our agents is going to ask you some personal info and will immediately contact the Jail to gather all the details of your loved one’s case and inform you about. The next step is to arrange a meeting with you so you can be helped by the bondsman in how to fill the paperwork needed for the inmate’s release.


Then, our agent is going to bring that paperwork to the Jailer so your loved one to be released if everything is as intended to. At that time, the arrestee is going to be informed about his or her court dates and any other responsibilities. It is crucial the inmate to not miss those dates. It may cost him to go back to jail. The release process may take 30 minutes to several hours depending how busy the jail is that moment.

Calabasas Bail Bonds

Calabasas Bail Bonds

Experience the fastest jail release with Your Bail Bonds Calabasas.

24 Hours Service

24 Hours Service

Call us day or night and our highly trained bail bondsman with provide you with a FREE bail info for Calabasas jail.

Fast Release

Fast Release

No body with get your loved one out of jail faster than us. Give us a call and let us do the work for you.

Bright Idea

Bright Idea

Get a FREE bail consultation from a professional bondsmen with more than 33 years of combined experience.

Family Owned

Family Owned

Our business is a family owned and operated. Give us a call and let our family help yours.

Choosing a bail bond agency in Calabasas

Every bail bond agency is promising the same results as we do. So, why to choose us? Why are we the right choice for you?
At Bail Bonds Calabasas we witnessed many times in the past how devastating and overwhelming can be for our clients the fact that their loved one is arrested. The whole bail bond process may be very confusing and stressful especially if you are not experienced with it at all.

That’s the reason why our highly trained and experienced agents are trying to approach you in the most human way and try to relief your pain and agony. They wont rest until your loved one is going to be back home under your custody as fast as possible and without any complications.

The other difference we have with the rest agencies is our extremely flexible payments plans and financing.


Yes, we also live in this country and we know in how rough times we all live on. It is understandable from our side that you may not be able to come up with the necessary 10% of the bail amount. That’s the reason your personal agent is always available to explain to you all the payments plans to make sure you will choose the right one for you.

Do not forget we are available to you 24/7. It will satisfy us to accept your call and answer any questions you may have or inform you about anything else around the court system in Calabasas and California in general.

How Bail Bonds Work In Calabasas! (External Link)

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