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Nine People arrested in connection with motorcycle theft ring

Nine men have been arrested in connection with a theft operation that targeted homeowners in Los Angeles county including the city of Calabasas. This string of arrested was the result of a three-month undercover investigation done by a multi-agency law enforcement task force. Law enforcement throughout the Los Angeles county recovered 33 motorcycles and dozens of motorcycle parts from four storage units located in the city of Duarte, all stolen from the city of Calabasas. The recovered stolen motorcycles and parts were mostly from sport bikes, but one of the motorcycles was a Harley-Davidson. All of the bikes were high end sport bikes such as Ducati and Yamaha. The men have been arrested and are scheduled to appear in court later this year. If you would like more information about this case, please feel free to call one of our agents at Your Bail Bonds Calabasas.

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