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Bieber under Investigation

Justin Bieber is already on two-year’s probation and an incident that occurred with a fan at a Dave & Buster’s the other night has caught the authorities’ attention. The singer allegedly attempted to attack a fan as he was taking pictures of Bieber and Selena Gomez on his phone. According to the victim, Bieber became furious when the victim was trying to take a picture of Bieber and Bieber tried to attack him and take the phone away from the victim. However, Bieber’s bodyguard stopped him before he could make contact with the fan. Even though the fan was not hurt or touched, he has decided to press charges on Bieber for attempted battery and robbery. According to an insider, Justin is being investigated for attempted battery, attempted theft of the pictures and attempted robbery of the phone. This would really put the singer in a bad situation because of his probation from the egging incident that occurred in Calabasas.


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